Joyful Steps Preschool desires to establish a partnership with families by providing rich and varied experiences for young children in a nurturing Christian environment.
Many options are made available for family involvement throughout the year.



  • Parents are asked to provide classroom snacks several times over the school year. These will be scheduled in advance and one snack will be scheduled specifically for your child(ren) to celebrate his/her birthday.

  • Field trips are scheduled for our older children several times each year. Parents are asked to assist with these. Field trips are only for the child(ren) attending Joyful Steps Preschool, and for whomever is accompanying as a guardian. No siblings are permitted to attend field trips.

  • Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom after the first month of school if prior arrangements have been made. You may also spend quality time in the classroom sharing interests, hobbies and assisting with special classroom projects and holiday events throughout the year.

  • Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled by the teacher at least twice a year to discuss the progress of each child.