The goal of Joyful Steps Preschool is to aid in the total development of the young child. Activities are designed to promote growth in the following specific areas, recognizing that all areas are intricately interrelated. Expectations will be appropriate to the developmental stage of each child and his/her readiness to move toward new and higher levels growth.



  • Children will be given ample opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills through a variety of individual and group art and physical activities (i.e., obstacle courses, musical movement, crafts, learning centers and writing activities).

  • Children will be encouraged to develop social skills required to be successful in the world. This will involve learning certain rules and appropriate behavior for specific situations, understanding and acceptance of others and sharing.

  • Children will be given opportunities to develop proficiency in language and communication skills through sharing in Circle Time.

  • Music is often included in our program. It encourages the child’s enthusiasm for learning through movement, tempo and singing.

  • Children will begin to identify and cope with emotions they may be feeling. Children will develop a sense of self-esteem and experience feelings of success and competence.

  • Children will be engaged in a wide array of hands-on experiences that will act as building blocks for practical life skills and kindergarten entrance.

  • Part of the curriculum will focus specifically on spiritual growth within the individual child at an appropriate level for the child(ren). This will be interwoven through regular lesson times, as well as through some specific Bible stories and learning activities.

  • Children will develop an enthusiasm for learning, including a positive attitude toward discovering and acquiring new knowledge.